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Handmade Organic Luxury
Italian Style Gelatos & Desserts

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Our Italian Style Gelato

Free from additives, artificial colours, flavour essences and trans fats

Our Gelatos / Sorbets use 0-7% fat and 90gm organic unrefined cane sugar per 1 litre Gelato. The incorporation of air is 20% which follows in line with Italian Gelato rules as compared to commercial ice cream which consist of 50% fat, 45gms sugar per 100 gm ice cream. Since there are no regulations in ice cream industry, most commercial ice cream makers manually incorporate up to 100% air to increase their profit. To make the Gelatos healthier without compromise on taste, quality and texture, an allergen free Organic Prebiotic / Probiotic blend using vegetable and fruit extraction process are incorporated into the Gelatos / Sorbets to reduce the fat and sugar percentage but enhance the base flavours more. All our Gelatos are free from additives, artificial colours, flavour essences and trans fats. For colour addition to the Gelato, we use organic colours sourced from vegetable and fruits.

We DO NOT USE Stabilisers, Emulsifiers, Artificial Colours, preservatives.
OUR GELATOS are extremely rich in creating gut friendly bacteria source.

*Many of the Vegan Gelatos are made with Coconut Milk/Coconut cream due to the high fat composition, which is an important element for Frozen Desserts, however the heavy taste of coconut lingers and overpowers every base flavour which does not provide an ideal customer experience. Yummy Chumz handmakes the Oat milk which is free from Allergens to ensure the base flavour always shines out creating a unique customer experience at every bite. Every flavour base is hand cooked, aged and Churned into a Gelato following traditional Italian practise.

The unsurpassed quality of our Gelato is a result of our carefully chosen ingredients, genuine craftmanship, and the science and creativity of our Founder Sinu Varghese who has unending passion to create Healthy Desserts without compromise.

Member of The guild of fine foods
Italian Style Gelato
Tub of Gelato
Gluten Free Gelato
Yummy Chumz Gelato Cone

Our Vegetarian Gelato

Our Vegetarian Gelato bases are:

  • Gluten free

  • Cream free

  • Egg free

We use organic sugar and organic milk with the base flavours from Sicily, Italy.

Our Vegan Gelato

Our Vegan Gelato bases are:

  • Gluten free

    Diary free

    Coconut Milk free

  • Cream free

  • Soy free

We use plant-based butter, free-from oats, water and organic cane sugar with the base flavours from Sicily, Italy.